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Malaysia Streamyx Block BT P2P PPS

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Malaysia Largest Broadband Provider, Streamyx seems already start to block BT,P2P and one of the software that using P2P technology which is widely used by Malaysia Chinese, knowns as PPS by 29 July 2010.

A lot of people from Johor Bahru, Pulau Pinang and KL encounters the extreamly low downloading speed while using P2P application. For my ownself, i had watched PPS very smoothly on 28July and before. However, in the day just before yesterday, i encounter the same problem as many of the streamyx users.I get only 100kbps to 230kbps downloading speed that are shown in the PPS.

Many of the streamyx users complaint that they can't do their usual routine on the internet such as downloading movies, games and watching drama, programmes from the internet that using P2P software. It seems that if streamyx still stubborn and continue to block BT, a lot of the internet users will start to switch their broadband services to others Broadband Providers such as Celcom, Maxis and P1Wimax.


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