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Party Poker Bonus

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网络赌场的红利(Party Poker Bonus & Promotions)

一种是新客户红利,新客户红利分为两种:(1)免费筹码,你只要在赌场注册后,赌场就免费送你一些筹码,一般在30美金以下;(2)首次买筹码红利,这一种最普遍,赌场根据你首次买了多少筹码决定给你多少红利。比如说888赌场.com提供20%的新客户红利(最高达美金200元),如果你第一次买了600 美金的筹码,888赌场.com就会额外送你120美金的筹码。
除了新客户红利,有的赌场对旧客户也有红利优惠,一般是你买筹码钱的 10%-30%。 赌场的红利不是白给的。当你拿到红利后,赌场一般都要求你下注额(Wager Requirement)超过一定程度后才能兑现。一般来说下注额都是你存钱数加红利总和的一个倍数。比如说你在888赌场.COM登记成为它们的新客户,然后你存入1000美金,你账户上马上就可以收到200美金的红利。那么你总共就有1200美金了。888赌场.COM赌场的下注要求是红利的两倍,你拿到200美金的红利,那么你的下注额就必须超过400美金。

Party Poker is a very well respected online poker site that has been online since 2001. Party Poker is one online poker site that players can go to knowing they are going to be able to get in on a lot of great poker games any time they feel like they want to play. Back when they allowed US players, they were the world’s largest online poker site. They still have a lot to offer their customers, though.

From the moment a new player goes to the Party Poker site they will see that it is a very busy and popular online poker site where players from all over meet up to enjoy playing poker in a great environment that can be counted on to entertain them and offer them a lot of opportunities for as long as they remained logged in and want to play.

Games: Party Poker is most known for its ability to offer online poker players some of the best Texas Holdem games online. The Texas Holdem games here are always in full swing. Some of the other games available for player to enjoy at Party Poker include Omaha, 7 card stud, and many other poker variations. One thing a player can count on with the games here is that there is always going to be some great competition and plenty of table choices which have various numbers of players.

Promotions: One of the first things that will capture a player’s attention when they check out the promotions section of Party poker is that this site offers many different party poker bonuses and promotions. There are a very impressive number of promotions here which allows players to get in on a lot of opportunities.

One great promotion is the Bad Beat Jackpot. This promotion will allow players to have the chance to not feel so bad when they lose. Any player interested in this or other great promotions will want to read all of the information on the promotions section of the site so they make sure they understand the rules and conditions of the promotions. Also for new players, you can receive a 100% Welcome Party Poker Bonus worth up to $/£/€100.

Software: Party Poker also makes sure its players can enjoy an error free gaming environment so they can concentrate on playing poker and having a great time rather than dealing with problems and issues. The graphics at Party Poker are also great and leave players feeling like they are sitting at a real table.

Party Poker also offers their players the ability to download the software on to their computers, or choose the instant play feature which will allow them to play directly in their web browser.

Customer Support: Party Poker also offers players all of the customer support they could want from the online poker site they play on. The customer support team can be reached by email and by telephone. They are available to assist their players 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also a helpful FAQ section that can answer many of the players more commonly asked questions.

Site Navigation: Party Poker is a very user friendly poker site that makes it a point to include a lot of helpful information on their site so players can stay well informed of how things work on the site.

Deposit Methods: Party Poker provides players with many ways to deposit their funds into their online poker account so each player will be able to find the best one for them. The accepted deposit methods which are available at Party Poker include credit cards, NETeller, FirePay, Western Union, eChecksby, wire transfers, IGMPay, bank drafts, money orders, cashier’s checks, and checks. This gives players all of the choices they should need in order to make their deposits in a way that will work the best for them.


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