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Iphone 4G Malaysia Price

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A fellow commenter (Global) has recently shared with me there’s a company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia reselling the unlock versions of the Apple iPhone. They are sourcing the Apple iPhone units direct from the USA and utilizing the iphonesimfree software (IPFS) to unlock the devices before shipping them to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Middle East, and Europe.

Woohoo! Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, to be one of the minority of Apple iPhone users in Malaysia you will need to burn RM2998 or RM3680 for the device. Global has also informed he did place an order and hasn’t found a problem using Maxis, DiGi or Celcom. However, there are a few things you will want to know.

Personally, I don’t belong in the upper-class nor the middle-class lifestyle. My parents most likely are there but for myself, I am working my way into the middle-class. Therefore, burning RM2998 for a 4GB Apple iPhone just to be one of the few in Malaysia is not for me at the moment. However, if I do reward myself a bonus by the end of the year I will be one of the few with an Apple iPhone in Malaysia.

The breakdown cost based on the information I have and read is:

* USD399 Apple iPhone
* USD25 US Postal Shipping and Handling (no tracking)…or
* USD125 FedEx courier (2 days delivery)
* 10% Import duty

Total cost there is: USD576.4 (RM2011.05)

Then now add the cost of iphonesimfree (which is not found on their website); current total minus the selling price of the Apple iPhone for Malaysia (RM2998 – RM2011) equals to RM987.

When I mentioned there are few things you need to know, one of it was the cost and the other is that this unlock software isn’t foolproof to activate every single function in the Apple iPhone.

…all features currently available on locked phones are available on unlocked phones (Youtube may require some specific activation).

Source: iphonesimfree.com

With the recent iphonesimefree 1.5 release version, it allows the Apple iPhone to work on numerous networks but it isn’t a guarantee all applications will work or if Apple releases a new firmware, the Apple iPhone may be locked again. But of course, there’s nothing to fear as long the team at IPFS are around.

If you’ve been literally dying to get your hands on the Apple iPhone to be used in Malaysia, irregardless of any consequences and have the RM2998-RM3680 to burn then by all means place your pre-order at iPhones Unblocked.

Apple iPhone Question of the day:
Will you pay RM2998 or RM3680 for this Apple iPhone to work in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...
July 5, 2010 at 3:35 PM  

how much the iphone 4g 32gb and 16gb?RM?

aiklone1314 said...
July 6, 2010 at 9:46 AM  

Apple Iphone 4 (16GB/32GB)

Package includes:Full Box Set


16GB RM3890 NETT
32GB RM4090 NETT

Warranty:12Months Warranty

This is the price i saw from lowyat.

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